We Stand Together

  A person can stand up regardless of being able to stand or walk physically. A person can speak up even without being able to talk audibly. A person can hear with the heart no matter the ability of the ears to hear audible sounds. Everyone has the choice to speak the truth in person, virtually (online), deaf or not, blind or not.

  Each individual has much power. We have instant access by prayer to the Creator of the universe. Anyone seeking wisdom needs only to ask Him for it.

  All over the world there are so many people speaking up who love freedom, who love liberty, and who hate evil, murderous tyranny. We have a connection that evil people just don’t get. We have love for one another, standing together, all shades of skin, all dialects, languages, and physical abilities. We are united in the fight for freedom, speaking up, standing up, and most of all, praying.

  I have many people whom I pray for. For my family, for my friends, acquaintances, people I read about, and complete strangers. I have friends worldwide, some whose first language isn’t the same as mine, but we communicate and get along very well with plenty to talk about.

  I’m so thankful for the wise and brave everywhere. תודה רבה todah rabah is Hebrew for thank you very much.

  Todah rabah to each and every person all around the world who doesn’t give in to the tyranny, but has integrity, perserverance, and courage, who speaks up against what is wrong and evil. I’m praying for you. I’m also praying for our enemies to stop being evil. Good people and wicked people all need ישוע Yeshua Jesus. It’s all even ground and anyone can be forgiven – just ask Him and trust Him. While a person is on earth it isn’t too late to change your heart. That’s powerful and that’s His love for each one of us.

  Todah rabah to the many students in person or virtual classrooms or homeschools, elementary, middle schools, high schools, and colleges/universities all over the world who are standing up strong against tyrannical mandates and other evils. תודה רבה to wonderful parents such as my own Mom and Dad, believers in ישוע Yeshua, who love their children and always stand firm against evil. תודה רבה to sisters, brothers, cousins, and other family members who seek out truth and wisely keep it going, trusting ישוע. Todah rabah to the real frontline doctors and nurses who stand against evil mandates and practices. Todah rabah to the law enforcement and military who work diligently to protect our freedoms and refuse to comply with tyranny and treason. Todah rabah to bakers, firefighters, truckers, farmers, artisans, restaurant owners, pilots and other airline employees, volunteers, business owners and employees, factory workers, secretaries, scientists, computer technicians, teachers/professors, lawyers, construction workers, data analysts, athletes, singers, musicians, actors, actresses, etc., who are standing up against unethical, destructive, unconstitutional dictatorial mandates. Todah rabah to those who are actually doing real journalism and honest reporting to stop evil lies and corruption. Todah rabah to those who have been working hard, every second of the day to end human trafficking and slavery. I pray for the victims of human trafficking and all horrible crimes, please let ישוע Yeshua (Jesus) heal your terrible pain. Only ישוע Yeshua (Jesus) can.

  תודה רבה todah rabah to Shoah survivors and other Americans who’ve escaped atrocities such as communism in different countries and are fighting it here in the US and worldwide, warning people to wake up.

  Grazie to the Italians who burned their vaccine passports in an unselfish, heartwarming display of solidarity with everyone who doesn’t have/want one.

  To the Aussies dealing with brutality, people all around the world are praying for you.

  Todah rabah. Thank you. I stand with you. We stand together. We will not be silent.

שלם Chaya חיה 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 🇮🇱

Walk and Not Faint

Isaiah Chapter 40 verse 31 יְשַׁעְיָהוּ
לא וְקוֹיֵ יְהוָה יַחֲלִיפוּ כֹחַ, יַעֲלוּ אֵבֶר כַּנְּשָׁרִים; יָרוּצוּ וְלֹא יִיגָעוּ, יֵלְכוּ וְלֹא יִיעָפוּ
31 But they that wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.

The beauty and truth of these eternal living words are such a wonderful blessing. ❤ Praying for everyone worldwide to trust our Creator. Who would want to be on any other side but His?

Shabbat Shalom שבת שלום,
Chaya חיה 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 🇮🇱

I Will Hope in Adonai אדוני

Sharing a poem I wrote on 22 Elul 5781 (8/30/21). As I was thinking about the terrors that have been going on around the world, and those fighting on the side of good in the battle of good vs evil, I began to pray. The Creator was with our ancestors, He is with us now, and will be in the future. The constant truth that nothing is too much for Him soothed my soul and my hope soared from the shalom He gave me while I was praying, a peace that He gives to each person who asks. I hope this poem will encourage and help everyone who reads it. ❤

I Will Hope in Adonai אדוני

The clouds have gathered
Shadows abound
Echoes of the distant past
have touched the present
What will I do?
I will praise Adonai אדוני.
I will hope in the LORD אדוני.

My heart aches
Tears fill my eyes
I’m at the precipice
What Will I do?
I will praise Adonai אדוני.
I will hope in the LORD אדוני.

Blessings so true
Too many to count
Peace in Him Always
All prayers He hears
What Will I Do?
I will praise Adonai אדוני.
I will hope in the LORD אדוני.

Words of Promise
Words of Truth
Continuous in my soul
Grow louder to be heard.
What Will I Do?
I will praise Adonai אדוני.
I will hope in the LORD אדוני.
I will trust Him forevermore.

~Chaya חיה 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 🇮🇱


Every human has certain rights given to him or her by the Creator. That is true regardless of who you are or where you live.
The right to worship God in spirit and in truth.
The right to live.
The right to pray.
The right to say no to medical procedures or experiments.
The right to ask questions and the right to real answers. Those paid for by the companies who are gaining money by lies aren’t reliable sources, but are compromised with a serious conflict of interest. The narrative of lies and control is falling apart, making evil people panic as truth is getting louder. Truth has power whether spoken quietly or shouted in the streets.

Everyone has a right to seek God. Thoughtful, kind people and also enemies of freedom and decency can each one call on Him for help in turning toward Truth. Yeshua can change hearts and save souls of anyone alive – joy for eternity. I will not let lies of the devil keep me from my Savior. Believing in ישוע Yeshua, asking forgiveness for my sins, and trusting Him to save my soul is all I have to do and each individual has to do. Baruch HaShem.

Regardless of what some bigoted people think, everyone is on equal ground concerning God’s love for each one of us. Having money or not doesn’t make a person closer to Him or give any advantage. Male or female, either one can appeal directly to the Creator at any time. No age requirements. Any age can trust Him and have prayers answered. It can be any time of the day to have access and be heard by Him. He cares about each one of us and is ready to listen any time of the day or night for any amount of time.

It’s also important to know what rights you have in the country you live in. Some countries definitely have more freedoms than others. After the terror of HaShoah, the Nuremberg Code was made with the desire to protect individual rights internationally. With rights protected by laws of the land, a perp shouldn’t have more rights than a victim. A government official doesn’t have more rights than a citizen.

As people speak up and protest for freedom, I pray for each individual, a team in which not everyone speaks the same language or lives in the same country, but we stand together. In prayer, in knowledge, in strength. All over the world, calling for freedom from evil tyranny, for ourselves, for our families, our friends, and strangers we’ve never met. I don’t know the names of students in Iran fighting the terror regime there, but I’m praying for them and I know Yeshua hears me.

Families, First Responders, Military, Students, Drs., Nurses, Patients, Waiters and Waitresses, Professors, Airline Pilots, etc., I stand with you for your freedom and rights and I’m praying for you.

Please speak up and stand up. Even though I can’t be at all of the places standing up, I’m there emotionally and spiritually by prayer. Tel Aviv, Yerushalayim, Israel, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Italy, Nice France, Dublin Ireland, New Zealand, Melbourne Victoria, Perth Australia, Canada, Cuba – everywhere. Let’s speak the truth!

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

🇮🇱 Am Yisrael Chai עם ישראל חי 🇮🇱
Getting ready for this evening, Shabbat…
Shabbat Shalom שבת שלום,
~ Chaya 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 חיה

לעולם לא Never Again Means Never Again!

   Obviously it isn’t enough just to say the words “Never Again”, although it is important to say them, but not as empty words. Why say them and not do what you can to keep HaShoah, the Holocaust, from ever happening again?

  Facts and details of what led to HaShoah and what happened during the sickening horror are available to anyone caring enough to seek them. We don’t even have to guess about what happened, but have many eyewitness testimonies and historical documents from survivors, fighters. They can be read in a number of languages as well as heard. Holocaust survivors, eyewitnesses to HaShoah, have spoken many times, telling what happened, before, during, and after. Putting themselves through it again emotionally, mentally re-living the terror, so that they can warn us to remember these things they’ve told us, never to forget, to try as much as we possibly can to keep it from ever happening again. We need to listen to them and to know. Why? To honor memories of loved ones and protect loved ones, us, others, now and in the future. So that we know what to look for in order to stop it.

  How can we possibly be silent? We should be consistent in speaking up against evil and tyranny, for our loved ones, family, friends, strangers, and also for ourselves. For our freedoms, our obligation to do the right thing to honor our Creator. The guilt from silence when needing to speak up would be a horrible burden. How can we truly claim “Never Again” without purposely noting what happened in the years prior to HaShoah and standing up against the same type of insidious evil now that has infiltrated with the intent to destroy our freedoms and our daily lives? We should never forget, yes, but not stand up to tyranny? Of course we should stand up to tyranny.

  So we know these things, how can we ignore them when we see them happening now? Like what things, for instance? —>>>Targeted persecutions against people who have Judeo-Christian beliefs, public ridiculing/shaming, beatings, censorship, being blamed for practically everything, houses of worship denying entrance to individuals, made to wear something to identify yourself so that your rights can be denied to you, freedom of movement being restricted or stolen like attending school, shopping, eating in restaurants, BDS, separating family, attempts at forbiding Torah/Tanakh/Bible beliefs and prayer, forbidding to gather together to worship the Creator as we believe we should, bullying, attempts at confiscating citizens’ weapons as a means of defense, depopulation efforts (murder), neighbor turning in neighbors, book burning, coerced or forced medical experiments and procedures, threats, small businesses being attacked, looted, burned, broken glass (never forget Kristallnacht), thefts, violence, kidnappings, murder, brainwashing, perversion immorality. The evil that advocates and pursues those things hates all of us. They hate everyone, Jew or Gentile, who opposes them.

  Just as HaShoah didn’t happen overnight, the nazis didn’t suddenly change and stop being evil when World War II was over. Having murdered Jews and Gentiles, the nazis continued to slither into other countries, fortified and aided by some of their own evil thinkers already there – fifth columnists embedded in places that should know better.

  As I listened to wise people, read books, and watched movies about HaShoah, I understood that it isn’t enough to know that we don’t ever want it to happen again, but to see what led to it happening so that we can be on the lookout for those same things. We are to be vigilant to keep it from happening again. So we listen, read, research, and observe, so that when we see an attack coming, we can shout it from our post to watch out, beware, and to stop it.

  Protecting people and looking out for each other is something that is so vital and requires much prayer as well as vigilance. Male or female, any age, help all. I’ve always tried to speak up for little children, including when I was little. Everyone’s voice counts. We all need to stand up for one another and together fight the evil that hurts little children.

  No is an important word. In Hebrew, the word is lo לא. Never in Hebrew is לעולם לא.

  We can speak up and stand up BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!! SO THAT WE CAN SHOUT “NEVER AGAIN MEANS NEVER AGAIN!” No never לעולם לא to being herded onto trains to concentration/re-education/internment, etc. camps, no לעולם לא to being verboten to go to shul, no לעולם לא to being used in medical or social experiments, no לעולם לא to being forcibly or unknowingly sterilized, no לעולם לא to being barred from learning, no לעולם לא to infringement of Biblical rights and destruction of beliefs, no לעולם לא to seperation of families, no לעולם לא to confiscation of weapons, no לעולם לא to human trafficking, no לעולם לא to indoctrination of students, no לעולם לא to murder of our elders, no לעולם לא to the murder of deaf or blind, no לעולם לא to ending free speech, no לעולם לא to cease speaking Hebrew, say no לעולם לא to tattoo/barcode/implanted microchips, no לעולם לא to anything evil, no לעולם לא to being erased and annihilated. And no לעולם לא to disobeying our Creator or not praising Him.

  There are things that I hear about that make my very soul yell out NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I cry deep in my heart as I pray for these horrors to be stopped.
Little children being terrified and/or hurt. I pray for each one.
Little babies murdered.
Chassidic/Orthodox/Haredi Jews being falsely blamed and targeted for attacks physically and spiritually. And I pray for my Jewish people – my heart doesn’t divide into this Jewish group who believes this or this Jewish group who believes something else. All Jews for decency and what is right need to stand together along with all Gentiles for decency and what is right.
Freedom fighters in Hong Kong boarded onto buses headed for “re-education camps”. And I pray for them.
Muslim Uyghurs forced to be slaves to make products for spoiled people around the world. And I pray for them.
Christian families, any nationality or skin color, around the world tortured. And I pray for them.
Nigerian school children kidnapped. And I pray for them.
A person who cares about freedom doesn’t have to be a member of a particular synagogue or church that is being attacked. We don’t have to be a citizen of a country where atrocities are taking place. All that is necessary to speak up is to care about fellow humans. Are you awake? You don’t have to stand alone. We Stand Together. I will not be silent. Todah Rabah (Thank You Very Much) to All who Have Been and Are Standing Up and Speaking Up!

  I listen, read, to honor and also never forget all of the good people who fight and are fighting against forms of oppression. Knowledge is power. Prayer even more powerful. ישוע

  People try to guess what they would do in various situations. Do you wonder what you would have done back in the years leading to HaShoah? What are you doing now? Anything you want to change? Please speak up in person, online, in support of standing together against tyranny, against evil. Most of all, trust the Creator, pray, and fear not. Don’t be afraid of paid propagandists or ai bots or evil people who hate you. God loves you. Be brave and faithful.

~ Chaya חיה 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 🇮🇱

Never Alone Never Forsaken

Sometimes we overthink things.
What is the true, actual, real meaning of Hebrews 13:5B? “for He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” It literally means that the Creator of the entire universe, Who loves us, will never leave us nor forsake us. He’s with us always. We are never alone, never forsaken. That is so very powerful – it’s worth thinking on often. Like daily.

No matter what is happening, no matter where we are, the Creator never requires us to be alone or forsaken. אליהו הנביא Eliyahu Hanavi (the prophet Elijah), a great man, and being human, even after big victories, he felt alone sometimes in his efforts of following the Creator and doing His will. He thought he was the only one being true to Him. Eliyahu, of course, found out that wasn’t true, there were many in Israel who hadn’t sold out and still followed the Creator. And there are many of us worldwide today who stand for Truth in Israel, the US, and the world.

Please pray for anyone who feels alone and physically are. Our enemies want us to feel like no one else cares or stands up, to make us feel isolated, but we never truly are. Evil uses lies and censorship, pain and fear to try and control us. If we could see from the whole picture, we would see the prayers, helping one another, loving one another (that doesn’t mean agreeing on everything), and the flow of love and prayers covering everyone. Everyone needs prayer, warriors, victims, and our enemies. Evil wants to defeat us, but Yeshua wins. We need to make sure we act in unapologetic love and courage.

Let Him calm your fears and worries. Stand and be strong. We are not alone nor forsaken.
We stand together. Let Him renew your strength. Trust ישועYeshua and pray. He will hear you.

Shabbat Shalom שבת שלום,
Chaya 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 חיה
🇮🇱 Am Yisrael Chai עם ישראל חי 🇮🇱

Happy Independence Day, US! 4th of July Celebration!

🇺🇸 For all Americans and all the people around the world who love America, July 4th is a great time to celebrate the US with Independence Day! It’s a day to celebrate by gathering with family and friends to appreciate the Creator’s blessings to us and thank Him, to enjoy one another’s company with plenty of great food of your choice, excellent music, and fireworks set off by people who know how to do so safely.

There are various ways to respectfully refer to the United States of America. The U.S.A., America, US of A, the United States, North America (although, geographically that is also Canada), and as already mentioned, the United States of America, and my favorite is the US, because that’s how I think it is truly reflected – it is US.

I love the US. Many people do – in America and around the world. We all pray for the US and stand up for her. Ideals of freedom fill a person’s heart and should always be held onto and stood up for.

It’s an easy question to answer on why I love the US. I’ll give you a few of the many reasons. I love the people and the beautiful land. I love the Judeo-Christian influences and values that date back before European arrivals. I love the freedom to choose what my beliefs are, and choose the right, Biblical way to worship our Creator. I love the bravery of decent people who care and are compassionate, standing strong for what is right.

I love the good heroes and heroines, those who are known by many or by few. Brave men and women, in the past and now, who contributed or are contributing their talents to make the world a better place. US heroes like the United States Marine Corps Navajo Code Talkers and their essential contribution to win in World War II. They ingeniously made an unbreakable code from the Navajo language that the enemie’s top cryptologists couldn’t decipher. Another US hero, the brave Cherokee Soldier who defeated three enemy positions in Italy during World War II, neutralizing eight and capturing four.

I love freedom of speech, which is supposed to extend to every US citizen, no matter what tech company goliaths do to violate US citizens’ Constitutional rights. They allow murderous dictators to call for our destruction, but suspend and block non-violent patriots. That’s beyond messed up.

An American, US citizen, can be multi-generational, be of the heritage of tribes here on this beautiful land before people from Europe came, or have arrived here legally two years ago, finding a safe haven from communism or other evils.

Here are a few examples of what the US is truly about as shown by so many in the US ~

A neighbor seeing someone who needs help immediately does whatever he or she can.

A father and mother taking their children on a picnic to celebrate Independence Day.

A firefighter entering a burning building to save the lives of people trapped in there.

A boy and a girl going on their first date.

People traveling a distance to assist after a disaster in another state.

Tribes worshipping the Creator in thousands of years of tradition.

The little children who save up money to help feed those who are hungry.

Individuals who band together to end human trafficking.

A citizen who stands up against tyranny wherever it is found – whether it is in person or online.

People of all ages protecting children.

Students respectfully helping out a veteran in a way to say thank you.

Students, parents, teachers, doctors, speaking up and standing up for truth even while they’re being attacked by lying words of enemies.

A husband and wife celebrating an anniversary.

An eagle flying high in the sky.

A police officer responding to a deadly attack and rescuing those in danger, putting the victims’ safety first.

Flying the US flag because a person wants to, not from being ordered to.

No place on earth is perfect, but the US is a much better country to live in than any actually bigoted, freedom-stealing countries. There are some people in America who hate the US and seek to destroy the US with deceitful, destructive lies. Despite the enemies, both past and present, there have always been good people who believe and do what is right. The love people have is bigger than any hate.

Most people get along well and don’t judge a person by their skin, but by a person’s character. All people, whatever skin color, male and female, tall and short, whatever accent or language, are created equally special, equally important, equally loved by our Creator. No one can change that truth with any lie.

This beautiful land is to be taken care of by caring people, not greedy organizations, corporations and politicians gaining more money by creating profit and control focused rules (deals) that don’t help, and often hurts, the land, the animals or any part of the environment. The land should be protected wisely, not used as an excuse to benefit, financially and in power, the very ones who create the environmental damage.

Prayer, faith, standing up, speaking up, knowing the difference between right and wrong and standing strong, doing research, being diligent, having integrity and bravery are all part of fighting and winning against our evil enemies. Do you know another great way to win and recover after being victimized, hurt, done wrong? Be happy, be free, brave, unafraid, continously fighting against evil, and being consistently calm, and successful. That will not only help you, but also others, and will upset our enemies very much.

Those who hate America and want her destruction try to divide us. The haters of the US, freedom, liberty, faith, religion, the nuclear family, are invited to go live in places where they have the things they desire like oppression, absence of freedom of religion, speech, etc.. There are places like that in the world – they are the ones people escape from.

לד צְדָקָה תְרוֹמֵם-גּוֹי; וְחֶסֶד לְאֻמִּים חַטָּאת
34 Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people.
Proverbs Chapter 14 מִשְׁלֵי

The patriotic people of the US and those who love her stand together against actual tyranny, communism, nazism, and fascism (using those words accurately by definition).

Celebrate life. Appreciate and stand up for your liberties and be thankful. Something worth having is worth fighting for. Pray for one another. Never give up.

I love the US. I always will. Don’t let them divide and conquer. We are Americans. Us. Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

~ Chaya חיה