Shalom to all! שלום

שלום Shalom! בתודה מראש BeTodah Me-rosh! Thank you in advance for visiting. Ah, my first blog post on here! Well, I had a lot of fun looking at the awesome themes available and seeing which ones had features that are just right and so cool! 🙂 The custom backgrounds/colors/header and especially the right-to-left feature for Hebrew definitely appealed to me! The עברית Hebrew (Ivrit) language is read/written from right-to-left.

Hope you check out my blog, maybe even follow it if you like, hint hint, but most of all, that it is a blessing to you. 🙂 I’ve posted my “About” page so far. I’ll be posting book reviews and thoughts on here. I’m also on Goodreads and enjoy it there a lot. 🙂

Jerusalem, Israel Yerushalayim, Yisrael 1857

The library has uploaded an amazing digital collection of public domain photos and that’s where I got this picture of ירושלים ישראל Yerushalayim, Yisrael 1857. I plan on sharing more cool historical pictures like this. ❤

שאלו שלום ירושלם Shaalu Shalom Yerushalayim Pray for the peace of Jerusalem Tehillim/Psalms 122:6a

Chaya חיה